Neighborhood Grant Program

Each year, Salem Parks Foundation offers small grants to Salem Neighborhood Associations for improvements to parks within the neighborhood association.  Salem Parks Foundation has approved grants for items ranging from Mutt Mitts to playground equipment. 

Many times the grants are matched with SPIF (Salem Parks Improvement Fund) dollars and other local donations to pay for big ticket items such as slides and swings.  As of 2014, we have granted over $70,000.00 for improvements in local parks through this program. 

If you have an idea for a project in your neighborhood park, please contact your local neighborhood association, City of Salem Parks Operations (503) 588-6336, or Betsy Belshaw at (503) 370-8789.



Brown Road Park – Irrigation, trees, and shrubs  (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association – NOLA)

Livingston Park – Safety Lighting  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Morningside Park – Slide and swings  (Morningside Neighborhood Association)

Northgate Park – BBQ grill/Mutt Mitt dispenser  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)

Riverfront Park – Bike pump/Bike work stand  (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization – CANDO)

Sunnyslope Park – Soccer goals/Basketball backboards  (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)



Sunnyslope Park – Picnic tables/Mutt Mitts  (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)

Bailey Ridge Park – Picnic tables/Small bridge/Trail surfacing  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Grant School Park – Playground equipment  (Grant Neighborhood Association)

Bush’s Pasture Park – ADA ramp for playground/2 spinners  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Eastgate Basin Park – Playground lighting  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Nelson Park – BBQ grill/Gazebo roof replacement  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Englewood Park – Parallel bars for fitness path  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Aldrich Park – Community information kiosk  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)

Hoodview Park – Outdoor chess table  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)



Bill Riegel Park – Sidewalk extension  (Southeast Mill Creek Association – SEMCA)

Royal Oaks Park – Picnic shelter roof  (East Lancaster Neighborhood Association – ELNA)

Englewood Park – Timer for splash fountain  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Northgate Park – Connecting sidewalk  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)



Nelson Park – Slides  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Eastgate Basin Park – Fencing  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

McRae Park – Basketball court repair  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Fairmount Park – Slide  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)

Fircrest Park – Court repair/Mutt Mitt dispensers/paint pony bouncer  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

3 West Salem Parks – Mutt Mitt dispensers  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)



Highland School Park – Lighting  (Highland Neighborhood Association)

Englewood Park – Basketball court repair/Bench relocation  (Northeast Neighbors)



Eastgate Basin Park – Benches  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Sumpter School Park – See-saw  (South Gateway Neighborhood Association)

Fircrest Park – Bench/Picnic table  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Fairmount Park – Splash pad nozzle  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Brush College Park – Mutt Mitt dispenser  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

Sumpter School Park – BBQ Grill  (South Gateway Neighborhood Association)

Bush’s Pasture Park – Lighting  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Geer Community Park – Bench  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

Englewood Park – Bench  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Richmond School Park – Balance beam  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)

Woodmansee Park – 2 disc golf stations  (Faye Wright Neighborhood Association)

Cascades Gateway Park – 2 disc golf stations  (Southeast Mill Creek Association – SEMCA)

Bush’s Pasture Park – Historic lamp posts  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Hoover School Park – Bench  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

McKay School Park – Bench  (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association – NOLA)

Richmond School Park – Chin-up bar  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)

Mill Race Park – Trees/shrubs/signs  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)



West Salem Park – Bench  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

Harry & Grace Thorp Park – Mutt Mitt dispenser  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

Northgate Park – Electrical box for stage  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)

Fairmount Park – BBQ grill  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



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