Owl Attack Signs

Cascades Gateway Dog Park

McKay Park Playground



Ellen Lane Community Garden – Garden beds (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

McKinley School Park – Bench refurbishing (South Central Association of Neighbors - SCAN)

Morningside Park – Sealing and striping of multi-use court (Morningside Neighborhood Association)

Richmond School Park – Berm removal (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)

Sunnyslope Park – Picnic shelter (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)

West Salem Park – New drinking fountain (West Salem Neighborhood Association)



Brown Road Park – Motion sensor light for garden shed (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association - NOLA)

Ellen Lane Community Garden – Benches and planter boxes (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

Stephens - Yoshikai Park – Cricket pitch (Northgate Neighborhood Association)

Sunnyslope Park – Picnic shelter & tables (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)



Brown Road Park – Irrigation and seeding of open play area (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association - NOLA)

Pringle Park – Play structure, “The Comet” (Central Area Neighborhood Development Association - CANDO)

Richmond School Park – ADA picnic table, on concrete pad (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)



Brown Road Park – Irrigation, trees, and shrubs  (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association – NOLA)

Livingston Park – Safety Lighting  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Morningside Park – Slide and swings  (Morningside Neighborhood Association)

Northgate Park – BBQ grill/Mutt Mitt dispenser  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)

Riverfront Park – Bike pump/Bike work stand  (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization – CANDO)

Sunnyslope Park – Soccer goals/Basketball backboards  (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)



Sunnyslope Park – Picnic tables/Mutt Mitts  (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)

Bailey Ridge Park – Picnic tables/Small bridge/Trail surfacing  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Grant School Park – Playground equipment  (Grant Neighborhood Association)

Bush’s Pasture Park – ADA ramp for playground/2 spinners  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Eastgate Basin Park – Playground lighting  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Nelson Park – BBQ grill/Gazebo roof replacement  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Englewood Park – Parallel bars for fitness path  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Aldrich Park – Community information kiosk  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)

Hoodview Park – Outdoor chess table  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)



Bill Riegel Park – Sidewalk extension  (Southeast Mill Creek Association – SEMCA)

Royal Oaks Park – Picnic shelter roof  (East Lancaster Neighborhood Association – ELNA)

Englewood Park – Timer for splash fountain  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Northgate Park – Connecting sidewalk  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)



Nelson Park – Slides  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Eastgate Basin Park – Fencing  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

McRae Park – Basketball court repair  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Fairmount Park – Slide  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)

Fircrest Park – Court repair/Mutt Mitt dispensers/paint pony bouncer  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

3 West Salem Parks – Mutt Mitt dispensers  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)



Highland School Park – Lighting  (Highland Neighborhood Association)

Englewood Park – Basketball court repair/Bench relocation  (Northeast Neighbors)



Eastgate Basin Park – Benches  (Lansing Neighborhood Association)

Sumpter School Park – See-saw  (South Gateway Neighborhood Association)

Fircrest Park – Bench/Picnic table  (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)

Fairmount Park – Splash pad nozzle  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Brush College Park – Mutt Mitt dispenser  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

Sumpter School Park – BBQ Grill  (South Gateway Neighborhood Association)

Bush’s Pasture Park – Lighting  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Geer Community Park – Bench  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

Englewood Park – Bench  (Northeast Neighbors – NEN)

Richmond School Park – Balance beam  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)

Woodmansee Park – 2 disc golf stations  (Faye Wright Neighborhood Association)

Cascades Gateway Park – 2 disc golf stations  (Southeast Mill Creek Association – SEMCA)

Bush’s Pasture Park – Historic lamp posts  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



Hoover School Park – Bench  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

McKay School Park – Bench  (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association – NOLA)

Richmond School Park – Chin-up bar  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)

Mill Race Park – Trees/shrubs/signs  (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association – SESNA)



West Salem Park – Bench  (West Salem Neighborhood Association)

Harry & Grace Thorp Park – Mutt Mitt dispenser  (North East Salem Community Association – NESCA)

Northgate Park – Electrical box for stage  (Northgate Neighborhood Association)

Fairmount Park – BBQ grill  (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)



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